Dotrscina itinerary

  • Pick up in front of your accommodation facilities
  • Driving through Zagreb neighborhoods to Dotrscina Park
  • Meeting with the hunting dogs and the tour guide
  • Story telling - about destination specialties, truffles and hunting
  • Truffles and hunting action
  • Outdoor tasting of sliced fresh truffle, truffle cheese and special apèritif Truffle Medica
  • A SPECIAL GIFT - fresh truffle that you have dug out
  • Driving back to your accommodation facilities
  • Duration 2:45 hours
  • Price 555 kn

Cities are buildings and grey concrete and parks so green as Dotrscina will increase energy level and awake all your senses. In Dotrscina memorial park you can be literally lost in greenery, you can feel  real forest, really rare pleasure for a big city like Zagreb. As well, all four seasons are entirely different and shape Dotrscina in its own way, showing completely different ambience during a year. Magic is there in every moment.

The memorial area of Dotrscina stretches along the forested slopes of the south-eastern part of Medvednica hill and together with the nearby Maksimir is the largest park-recreational area of Zagreb, but also the protected immobile monument of culture.

The polyvalent character of the Dotrscina as a natural reserve and a memorial complex stems from the fact that it is an authentic historical site of mass execution and gravesite of many members of the anti-fascist movement and citizens of Zagreb and its surroundings during the Second World War.

In the Dotrscina woods between the 1960s and the 1990s several memorial installations were set up.