Medvedgrad itinerary

  • Pick up in front of your accommodation facilities
  • Driving through Zagreb neighborhoods to Medvedgrad
  • Meeting with the hunting dogs and the tour guide
  • Story telling - about destination specialties, truffles and hunting
  • Truffles and hunting action
  • Outdoor tasting of sliced fresh truffle, truffle cheese and special apèritif Truffle Medica
  • A SPECIAL GIFT - fresh truffle that you have dug out
  • Driving back to your accommodation facilities
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Price 555 kn

On the south part of Medvednica, on the mountain Mali Plazur there is an ancient city Medvedgrad. The picturesque medieval burg has been guardian of Zagreb for eight centuries. Medvedgrad is our most representative and best preserved example of the medieval crowd. With a length of 170 meters, it has all the elements of a classy high quality burg.

We can explore this ancient fortress and illuminate the "dark" middle ages and enjoy magnificent view to Zagreb.