Veternica itinerary

  • Pick up in front of your accommodation facilities
  • Driving through Zagreb neighborhoods to Veternica
  • Meeting with the hunting dogs and the tour guide
  • Story telling - about destination specialties, truffles and hunting
  • Truffles and hunting action
  • Outdoor tasting of sliced fresh truffle, truffle cheese and special apèritif Truffle Medica
  • A SPECIAL GIFT - fresh truffle that you have dug out
  • Driving back to your accommodation facilities
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Price 555 kn


Although many of you would choose the sunny sunset of the Medvednica area rather than its dark and cold underground, the Veternica cave is being number 1 of all top isolated Medvednica location for a many of reasons you’ll find out during a tour.

It was named by the wind that appears at the entrance as a result of a temperature difference of the air (only 10 C in the cave).

Veternica is the oldest archaeological site in zagreb and there you can see details that are rarely seen elsewhere like swirling pots, erosion shapes, sand dunes, fossil mud, wolves of desire, fossil shells, stone waterfall...

By more than 7 km of branched canals, Veternica is the sixth largest cave in Croatia and the biggest in Northern Croatia. The firsth 380 m of the cave are adopted for visitors and Veternica cave is open during weekend on spring and summer.